How much does a music Licence cost in Australia?

There is not an exact answer to this question.  The cost of a music license in Australia varies greatly as there are many different factors that will determine the cost of a music license in Australia.  Essentially, the major factor that you need to consider with determining the cost of a music license in Australia is firstly, the success of the music track you want to license  i.e. how well known (or otherwise), is the track.  For example, a massive Queen or Rolling Stones song is going to cost MUCH more than a local unknown Indie artist.  But then, you also need to determine the other parameters that will form the price of the copyright license such as, in the case of an advertising campaign:  the Territory the campaign will be run (National, or just NSW for example); how long the campaign will run for (the Term); all the media that will be used, and the length of the advertising executions (the Durations).  The cost of the license will also vary depending on whether you want the full Master and Publishing rights, OR just the Publishing rights.  This is really just a top level outline of the variables that will set the cost for a music license and some detail would change again if licensing for a TV show, film or event, so it can be very complex.  It is important to understand how synchronisation licensing works, so we recommend you work with a reputable music supervision company to ensure that you are covering all the legal requirements and also getting a fair price for the use of the music you wish to use.