The Essential List: Bruce Tweedie

Published in The Little Black Book online 9th October, 2023

Sound+Music Industry Scores In 2023

Published in Campaign Brief 8th September, 2023

5 Minutes with… Bruce Tweedie

Published in The Little Black Book Online 30th November, 2022

Sound+Music Industry Report 2022

Published in Campaign Brief 15th September, 2022

That pivotal creative moment: The birth of the Hotondo Homes Jingle

First published in Campaign Brief 4th August, 2022

How are Real Estate Buyers’​ Agents and Music Supervisors the same?

Published 27th May, 2022

A Case Study in globalised song licensing

First published in Campaign Brief 15th March, 2022

Publishing vs Master: a basic but befuddling building block

Published 22nd March, 2022

Industry Insights 26 – Music Supervisor: Bruce Tweedie (Music Mill)

Published 2nd March, 2022

Sound+Music: State of the Industry 2021

Published in Campaign Brief 7th September, 2021

Things you need to know about Christmas Carols for ad campaigns

Published 30th September, 2021

Music Mill launches new initiative to encourage the use of Australian songs in Ad campaigns

Published 13th September, 2021

In the ad game, memorable songs that sell the brand have no borders.

First published in The Australian 13th August, 2021

CASE STUDY – How Music Mill found a gem of a song for Coke Australia

First published in Campaign Brief 15th July, 2021

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