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Bruce Tweedie is the owner and Managing Director of Music Mill in Australia and Song Mill in the UK.  He been involved in the business of supplying songs for advertising campaigns for 20 years.  He is an accomplished speaker and presenter, and he has used his extensive experience to develop the following presentations for Advertising Agencies and Production Companies:


Finding and Licensing Songs – For Agency Producers

A walkthrough of various examples of the use of songs in TVC campaigns.  Big songs, big budgets, small gems, small budgets.  Stories about the challenges of navigating the world of sync licences.  About 30 minutes.  Best presented in person but can be done effectively via video conference.


Searching for Songs – For Creatives

An analysis of case studies, covering the process involved in finding songs to fit a creative brief and a budget.  Discussion of how to write a music brief.  About 30 minutes.  Best presented in person but can be done effectively via video conference.


Songs for Ads – Finding Them and Securing the Rights – For the Whole Agency

This presentation addresses the following questions:

  • What is a “publishing” copyright and what is a “master” copyright?
  • Why can’t we have the song we want? Or … Why do artists say no?
  • Why are songs so expensive?
  • Why is it sometimes so difficult and complicated?
  • Why does it take so long to get an answer?
  • If I buy the rights to a song why can’t I just record a version that sounds the same?
  • Why do agencies outsource all this, why not DIY?
  • What is the best approach to searching for a song?
  • And some tips for writing creative music briefs.  (Keep it simple)

This is an infotainment presentation – educational but with entertaining examples and anecdotes.  And it’s not just for producers, they know a lot of this already, it is invaluable for suits and creatives – in fact it will be a good overview for everyone, right across the agency.  It will be particularly useful for anyone who ever needs to discuss music with clients. 

Best delivered as part of an agency “get together” – lunchtime sessions or Friday drinks, perhaps at an off site team building session.


The Evolution of Music in Advertising

This is something quite different – a 45 minute Keynote Speech suitable for a major event or function.  It delivers insights into the way that music use has evolved over centuries, including:

  • The first recorded use of music for advertising in the 13th Century
  • Sponsored content distribution in the 19th Century
  • The launch of radio and associated branded content
  • The rise and fall of jingles
  • Musicians as brand ambassadors, from the 1920s
  • The beginnings of sync licensing
  • The generation gap, MTV, and the rise of the internet

The presentation is packed with case studies, and is designed to be informative and entertaining.  For a two minute trailer please visit