In 2021, in response to growing momentum by the Australian Music industry for Australian Brands to support more Aussie Artists by licensing their music in their advertising and promotions, Music Mill announced the launch of a new initiative to encourage more sync licensing of Australian songs in advertising campaigns. We realised we could leverage our position as a broker of sync licences for songs, as well as our extensive connections with Advertising Agencies and Music Publishers to do something that might actually make a difference for Australian artists.

Our sync licensing scheme involves the selection and promotion of three crack Aussie tracks each month. Two of them will be recent releases, one from an established artist and one from an emerging star-in-waiting; and the third, an under-utilised classic unearthed from the vaults, which we then promote to our network of advertising agencies and brands to consider for sync licensing. And in 2023, we have decided to add a new Wildcard category which will be an Australian ‘Independent’ or ‘Unreleased’ song that we believe would be appropriate for licensing for an Aussie advertising campaign.

See here for the full article about our initiative.

So, here are this month’s winners of the Music Mill Aussie Syncable Songs of the Month:

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