Music Mill from time to time publishes videos on our website and in blogs which utilise copyright material, including television commercials, online videos, and of course songs. We do this on the understanding that these uses are not infringements of copyright because they fall under “fair use” or “fair dealing” provisions of relevant legislation.

In particular:

  • The material is published for the purpose of review, criticism, or reporting the usage;
  • The use of the work does not diminish the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work, in fact in most cases it enhances it;
  • The purpose of the publication is not to sell product, certainly not in the sense that advertising uses copyrighted songs to sell product. For example, if a television commercial uses a song to sell a model of car, the aim of our publication of the commercial is definitely not to sell more cars. To some extent our publication is educational, but obviously we are a commercial business. However, our commercial intent is to encourage the use of copyright songs in general, which enhances the value of the copyright across the board.