You are gobsmackingly busy.  Every single day.  Most days you are the busiest person on the whole frigging planet.  We can help you by:    

  • Negotiating sync licences for the use of songs – saving you an absolute truckload of time. Why waste time that you don’t have going down endless rabbit holes when specialists are available to do it for you?
  • Getting the best possible deal – often saving you a bucket full of money. Why not use a supplier with decades of negotiation experience?
  • Shielding you from the hassles – protecting you from the drama that you just don’t need right now. Why not lean on us – we have walked through the complex minefield many times, and know how to fix things?
  • Delivering results quickly and professionally – so you don’t get stuck in quicksand and find yourself in awkward meetings with creatives and clients.
  • Providing advice – on whether a song will be available, on ballpark costs, on red flags. Why not have a trusted adviser who can provide reliable information as soon as the creatives come up with a song idea?  Before they sell it to the suits and the client!

By now you’re probably thinking yep, that’s all good, but how can I possibly trust someone I don’t know to not screw up my job, leaving me covered in the nasty stuff?  Good questions, two answers.  We are a successful business that has been around for 22 years, so we’re a safe pair of hands.  And … check out what our clients say about us (agency people don’t make this stuff up just to be friendly):  Testimonials.

We know what our job is.  We do the very detailed dirty work, so you can deliver the goods with the minimum of fuss.  What could be better than that?