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“The team at Music Mill are always fast to respond and bring so much insight to any concept. Their industry knowledge saves me hours of trying to find the path through to the right people, and I can confidently give clients fast ballparks to guide the direction of jobs without having to get into formal quoting.”  – Judi Oehme, TV Producer, Nation, Adelaide

“Music Mill are fantastic to work with!  They are always there for us when we need them and they’re never phased by the occasional but inevitable last minute rush to get a song over the line.  I consider them our creative partner in finding songs that really work for our campaigns, and they are fast and professional when it comes to negotiating the licences.  Music licensing is often complex and challenging, but Music Mill  always seem to have the right answers and advice.” – Matt McPhail, Senior Producer, Stanley St, Auckland

“Bruce Tweedie and Music Mill are a fabulous resource for any commercial music challenge.  Incredibly diligent, responsive and above all vastly experienced and knowledgeable, Bruce helps me navigate the arcane landscape of music searches and licensing with honesty and a great sense of humour.  He tells it like it is and gets the job done.” – Matthew Jones, Head of Integrated Production, 1Unilever, Ogilvy, London

“During my time as Head of Production at Ogilvy, I counted on Bruce and the team when looking for music. No project was too big or small, and the music choices always fit our creative brief with lots of options to choose from that were very competitively priced. Bruce and the Music Mill team took away that stress of negotiating with record companies for our big brand ads … and that to me was an invaluable and incredible support.” – Mary Darzi, Executive Producer, Hogarth, Melbourne

“Bruce and the entire Music Mill team delivered outstanding work for DDB Hong Kong and our client, The a2 Milk Company.”  – Justin Bonnett, Regional Business Director, DDB Group, Hong Kong

“Bruce and his team at Music Mill did a fantastic job of negotiating and securing the rights to the music for Pepper Money’s latest piece.  What was potentially a minefield of lyric changes, multiple versions and durations became a walk in the park. If you need a piece of music identified, chased down, cornered and delivered on time and on budget, look no further.” – Jeremy Taine, ECD, String Theory, Auckland

“Advertising creativity tends to be very fashionable these days.  A lot of creative work looks the same … and sounds the same.  Perhaps it is safety in numbers.  Perhaps it is risk free.  Perhaps it is too self referential.  When was the last time a piece of film or video content touched all your emotions?  To me the greatest deficit in creativity these days is the poor use of music.  Music creates emotions.  It underscores and directs the viewer to know what to feel.  Music is at least 50% of the potential of every piece of work.  Every campaign I have seen recently, that uses music well, seems to have had Bruce Tweedie involved. A lot of creative people I work with have low music IQ.  It’s not an insult it is a product of how they were taught.  And yes Australia is a smaller market and music rights are prohibitive.  I am working hard to open their minds … and clients minds to the power of music.  And see it as an investment as much as talent costs and film production.  Bruce Tweedie has worked with us on significant campaigns where music has been one of the key levers we pull to create equity for our client brands.  We have sought obscure songs long forgotten.  We have  used current pieces that capture the zeitgeist.  Bruce has always found the right solution for the opportunity.  I recommend Bruce highly for his encyclopaedic knowledge of music, his negotiation skills and his incredible ability to just make it happen.  And making something happen is always music to my ears.”  Sean Cummins, ECD, Cummins & Partners, Melbourne

“Bruce Tweedie from Music Mill has an incredible contact list in the music industry and an in-depth knowledge about what might work for your project. Bruce was intuitively able to manage the music negotiations for this wonderful but complex project – his support and quick responses made us all feel in safe hands. He was professional at all times, and his attention to detail helped guide us through to a very successful outcome.”  – Mignon van Weeren, Director of Broadcast, Digital and Content, VMLY&R, Brisbane

“Music Mill did an outstanding job negotiating and securing the rights to Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’ for our Holden SUV campaign. They worked above and beyond late into the nights and over weekends to ensure we got the track cleared in time for our launch date. We put the pressure on and they rose to the challenge!”   – Roz Ruwhiu, Head of TV Production, AJF Melbourne

“The guys at Music Mill work tirelessly to deliver great results in a reliable and professional manner. They have a great network of musicians and composers and have helped me negotiate a few tight spots on some testing projects.”    – Elliot Liebermann, Broadcast Producer, 303MullenLowe, Sydney

“We had a pitch idea that hinged on a particular song – Bruce and the team came to our rescue by quickly scoping costs so that we could present a TV script that the client immediately knew was do-able.”  – Alex Davidson, Creative Partner, Science Fiction, Sydney

“We have used the services of Music Mill on a number of occasions, but the one that stands out is when we called them on a Friday to request an additional 30 second spot for a campaign going live on Monday.  They were incredibly responsive, moving really quickly to get things done.  As usual with them, it was all OK in the end.”  – Senior Agency Producer, Auckland

“The emotion the right soundtrack can elicit and the complementary images it can conjure in the listener’s mind is invaluable, but finding the right song can be like searching for the proverbial needle. The Music Mill team very quickly make the haystack much, much smaller.”  – James Rickard, Creative Director, Adelaide

“Many thanks for your involvement, passion for the work and of course the selfless after hour airport editing to try and meet deadlines. I really appreciate all you have done.”  – Bec Brideson, CEO, Venus Comms, Melbourne

“It’s always a pleasure working with Bruce, Clare and the team at Music Mill. Their music briefs are clear, concise and contain all the relevant information we need to in order pitch songs or artists for campaigns. We also appreciate the consistent feedback and speedy response times from the team, and greatly value the wonderful working relationship we have. It was fantastic to see the T20 World Cup Cricket campaign come to life, which featured Wise Music songwriter Harts. It was a perfect example of the creative and collaborative way Music Mill work with their partners and clients to achieve outstanding results.” – Cathy Nelson-Williams, Creative Services Manager, Wise Music Group

“The Music Mill team are consistent, clear communicators, dedicated and experienced. They’re intuitive problem solvers and understand the landscape of licensing from both the creators/rights holders and the agency/brand perspective. I’m always confident putting our writers forward for opportunities through Music Mill because I know we can expect knowledgeable professionalism from start to end.” – Briese Abbott, Director of Synchronisation, Australia and New Zealand, Kobalt Music Group 

“I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Music Mill for a number of years now.  Bruce and the team are always a great to work with, bringing innovative and interesting jobs to the table.”  Cameron Elliott, Director of Synchronisation & Licensing, BMG Australia