You’re running a challenging agency business in an industry that is about as competitive as it gets. You’re constantly juggling the demands of clients, the ability to deliver quality Work, and the fundamental need to win new business. Not to mention fighting fires.

And now and again you see your staff get tied in knots when they are trying to find and deliver songs. Sometimes things go so badly wrong that it damages your client relationships, or it really hurts your pitch. If you partner with us, we can support you by:

  • Assisting your people to find and license best songs that will enhance the quality of your Work.
  • Providing deeply professional advice that will improve the reputation of your agency and reduce the risk of screw ups that could embarrass you in front of your clients.
  • Delivering seminars to your staff that will improve internal communication about music, but more importantly, will facilitate a better understanding between the agency and your clients.
  • Working with you on pitches – providing song advice, and supporting you every step of the way, free of charge.