How can Music Mill find the perfect music track for your project and handle licensing and legal issues?

Music Mill can find the perfect music for your campaign by working from a brief provided by the advertising agency.  We call this a Music Search.  Often the Creative teams would write the brief, and it would usually include an overview of the creative idea, a preferred music genre, tone or era, and they may be looking for a particular theme in the song – a word or emotion.  Sometimes they would include reference tracks if they have a song in mind, but they do not have the budget for it or we know that song can’t be licensed.  We then source a thorough list of possible songs from our global network of music publishers and record companies – these are relationships that we have nurtured over many years. We understand the industry and can handle licensing and legal issues that may arise, we navigate the minefield of music licensing and royalties, ensuring that your advertising project is compliant with copyright laws. This can save you an immense amount of time and ensure that the music selected for your campaign not only enhances your creative idea and production, but we also ensure that the sync license for your music is water tight and all your selected media for your campaign is ticked off within the license.   This is absolutely critical, especially these days as media channels have become more and more fragmented and complicated.  Missing something could be very costly for you and your client.