Welcome to our new Video Blog, where we talk about all sorts of remarkable and stimulating matters pertaining to the intersection between advertising and songs and advertising. That’s where we live, right on the border of the advertising industry and the music industry. I hope you find it as fascinating as we do. If not, maybe it will be insightful and useful. If not … maybe entertaining.

Episode 1 in a Video Blog by Bruce & Clare Tweedie, owners of Music Mill in Australia. We find and facilitate songs for advertising campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe, and have been operating for over twenty years. Please contact us if you need help with music searches or licensing songs for advertising campaigns, or just want to chat about music and advertising. We would love to hear from you, about anything really!

See below for the full transcript:

Bruce Tweedie:

Hi, there.  Welcome to the new Music Supervision for Advertising video blog.  This one, we are calling Life on the Border of Music and Advertising, because that’s where we live.  My name’s Bruce Tweedie. Just to give you some context, my wife Clare and I own a music supervision business called Music Mill in Australia.  We’ve been around for about 20 years, and in that time, we’ve probably done about, oh, $100 million of, probably more, worth of sync licensing, and we’ve certainly done thousands of music license agreements, so we do kind of know what we’re talking about.  This intro’s actually a bit weird, because we’ve already filmed about nine episodes, including a full-blown introduction on sync licensing for advertising.  Everything was ready to go, then we got really busy and didn’t load anything, didn’t get around to it, and then suddenly, bang, coronavirus arrives.  So all of a sudden, we’ve got all these episodes.  So quite a few of the episodes look at things like concerts that we went to or my mum’s birthday party where there’s a gathering and now, it’s impossible to pretend that they are happening in real time, because nobody goes to a party or a concert anymore, because they’re all shut down.

So I thought I better do a new intro to introduce the introduction, explain what’s going on.  So what I’m going to do is intermingle some of the older episodes with new ones that will be more or less real time, kind of, as much as we can.  Some of the episodes will be just me, some will be with Clare, and we’re going to cover all sorts of things to do with music supervision and music for advertising.

Now, I know some of you are huge fans of my old Music Supervision for Advertising video blog that was all about music activations in advertising, but I guess I just let that slowly fade away.  I thought it was a bit too analytical, scripted.  I got a bit wooden, or I was always a bit wooden, and I went a bit overboard, I think. I even got a videography into try and improve the quality.  That just made me even more wooden and more scripted, so I’ve given that away.  This time it’s just going to be more spontaneous, more relaxed, more just about a whole lot of stuff to do with our lives on the border and sync licensing for advertising.  We live on the border of the music industry and the advertising industry, and we have a lot of fun right there.  So if you get to the second episode, you’ll see that it’s the introduction.  The introduction after the introduction.  Anyway, if you like it, share it, and I’ll see you later, next time.

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Credit: the opening and closing sequences feature “Strong Hands” from Ben Catley:

The song: https://soundcloud.com/bencatley/strong-hands

About Ben: open.spotify.com/artist/66OGdUyXn2WSipn6ZYq7id

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