We provide song suggestions to fit your advertising campaign via a music search process.

What we need from you:

  • Campaign specifications – product, territory, term, media, durations
  • A music brief or some guidance on the campaign concept
  • A budget that you can afford
  • Tell us if you can’t have the song you wanted, then we can use that as a reference track, a starting point

What we do:

  • Source song suggestions from our elite global network of publishers and labels
  • Listen and rate all the songs against the music brief for your campaign
  • Send you a shortlist to choose from

Benefits – Agencies use us because:

  • We have highly specialised skills – we are experts in both music and advertising, and we are doing searches all the time
  • We save you time – sourcing, collating and listening to hundreds of songs takes a long time
  • We tap into diverse sources – we have a huge network of publisher and record label contacts from all over the world, relationships which we have nurtured over years
  • We can find songs to fit low budgets – high-quality tracks at surprisingly good prices.  They may not be artists you recognise, but a commercial song can add some buzz that composition often doesn’t have.
  • We are objective and independent – unlike the record labels, music publishers and many other music supervision companies, we don’t own any music rights, and we don’t represent any artists.  We are completely independent, so we are not pushing our latest signing.  You are our client, not the songwriter, so all we care about is finding you the right song.
  • We don’t charge for music searches, so there is no risk and no commitment – we only get paid our success fee if you use a song, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.