In the same way that we do Music Searches to find songs, we also do Artist Searches to find singers or bands to participate in a campaign.  Artist Searches can have a variety of objectives, including finding a well known artist to :

  • Create what could be called a “celebrity re-record” of a big song
  • Compose a piece of music, instead of using an anonymous studio musician
  • Perform an exclusive concert or perform at a major event
  • Become a brand ambassador for the featured product

The hardest part of Artist Searches is not finding the artist, it’s the contractual negotiations.  It is absolutely critical to have everything clearly defined from the outset to avoid major problems later, but you can’t define all the requirements properly if you don’t have the experience to know all the things that can go wrong.  We have learnt our lessons the hard way, and we have addressed these issues in our Artist Search processes.

Here are some examples of Artist activations that we have worked on: