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We do one thing and we do it really well –

Songs for advertising campaigns.


We find them, negotiate the deal, and clear the copyright. 

Sometimes we also re-record new versions, and sometimes we arrange for the artists to appear in the ads, but even then it’s all about the songs.

The best illustration of how focused we are on songs for ads is to list the things we DON’T do:

  • We don’t licence music for movies and TV series, because we are pure specialists in advertising

  • We don’t do composition, we leave that to the musicians

  • We don’t do in-store music, because it’s a different skill set

  • We don’t do consulting work or brand strategies, because we believe that the fundamental need of advertising agencies is songs that work, not complex strategic advice

  • We don’t own a publishing company or record label on the side, because we believe that would compromise our objectivity in finding the best songs – no matter how you dress it up it’s a conflict of interest


If your focus is on the creative process, we can assist you by suggesting songs to fit a creative brief and a budget.  We have done hundreds of these music searches, and we can nearly always recommend a list of songs that will work for your campaign.


If you are a Producer we can track down music copyright owners, artist managers, film clip owners, or any other owner of rights, negotiate the deal, and clear the rights for use in your campaign.  We are specialists in negotiating the best possible price for your media specs.