Workflow and Information Manager

Clare is part owner of Music Mill, and is officially the Workflow and Information Manager. To some extent that title is inadequate, because Clare is the person who monitors everything and makes it all tick over like the proverbial well oiled machine. She manages the critical but time-consuming flow of contracts back and forth between suppliers and clients, raises invoices and ensures that suppliers are paid according to licence terms, monitors licence rollover requirements, manages music searches, listens to a lot of songs, and when she’s not doing all that she is focused on continuous improvement of our computer systems and business processes.

She has worked in a diverse range of jobs and industries throughout her career, and brings that broad work and life experience to the enormous variety of situations we face every day in music licensing.

Back in her South African homeland she was a developer and manager in IT, then a manager in the family record label business, and a stay-at-home mother. After navigating the huge challenge of a family migration to Australia, she had a Hypnotherapy Counselling business, alongside a job as IT Manager for a semi-government organisation, then Office Management for an audio-visual equipment company.

Combined with a life-long passion for music and dance, these experiences have prepared her for the perfect home she has found as a partner at Music Mill.

Clare’s Current Favourite Artists: Hilltop Hoods