Why is it important to work with Music Mill to ensure the best music track for your advertising campaign and avoid potential pitfalls?

Music Mill specialises in music supervision for advertising.  We have been doing it for over 22 years, so we are experts in the complexities of negotiating music licenses for advertising campaigns.  We can source songs to meet your brief and provide free advice on the feasibility of tracks that you may already have in mind.  We have nurtured long term relationships with a global network of music publishers and record labels, so we can provide song advice and raise any potential red flags for songs quickly and professionally.  Music Mill has extensive experience in navigating the copyright approval process and we have stringent processes to ensure all aspects of a music license for advertising is covered and ticked off.  We’ll shield you from the hassles along the way, whilst always keeping you informed – this added service can save you time and money and provide peace of mind.  Music Mill makes the whole sync licensing process a whole lot easier and smoother, so you can focus on delivering the best ad for your client.