Managing Director

As far as we can tell, Bruce has worked for a music supervision company specialising in advertising campaigns longer than anyone else in the Asia Pacific region.  His 22 years of experience on the border of music and advertising have made him a deep subject matter expert in the complex niche arena of songs for advertising.

However, unlike many music supervisors he didn’t come from the music industry originally – he spent a few decades in the IT and Telco world first.  That has proven to be an huge advantage in our business – it really helps to have a strong background in sales and marketing on the client side, because that comes with insight into how music works within the context of an advertising campaign.

Bruce’s business background is actually quite diverse, including a number of positions where he had direct responsibility for sales and marketing campaigns.  His roles have included senior executive management, business consultancy, sales and account management, sales management, IT project management and quite a few entrepreneurial start-ups (some more successful than others).  He has worked for some very serious companies with a strong focus on marketing, including General Electric, Accenture and Optus.  Alongside all that work experience he has a degree with double majors in Psychology, which also helps with the understanding of how advertising works.

On the rare occasions when he is not working he loves to dance in pubs with his wife and business partner Clare.  Or do gardening.  Unfortunately in the era of Covid there has been a lot more of the latter than the former.

Bruce’s Current Favourite Artists:  The Rolling Stones “Can  You Hear Me Knocking” from the best album of all time – “Sticky Fingers” and Ed Sheeran “Bad Habits”