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Project Description

We were approached by Cummins in Melbourne to clear the rights to use a cult hit from the seventies (at least in Australia) for the advertising campaign for the T20 Cricket World Cups being played in Australia next year.  The song is “Get Up And Dance” by Supercharge, an inspired idea that apparently just popped into the very creative head of Sean Cummins on the way back from a T20 client meeting.  If you are old enough you will remember the charismatic bald-headed Albie Donnelly playing the saxophone.

Then they asked us to find an artist to do the re-record, so we did our thing and gathered a collection of about 30 candidates, then culled them down to a selection of about 9 that we presented to the agency.  At that stage Harts was a bit of a long shot, up against some bigger names, but much to my surprise, we came out of that conference call with him as the hot favourite.  After some negotiations Harts and I attended a big meeting in the boardroom of the T20 organisation, along with a bunch of people from the agency, and played them the demo tape.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it – he received a standing ovation!  Done deal, the rest is history.