We work with producers to negotiate sync licences for use in advertising campaigns.

What we do:

Provide preliminary cost estimates and guidance on whether the song is available for advertising use

  • Identify the copyright owners
  • Make formal enquiries about availability and costs
  • Negotiate the best possible deal
  • Arrange and check contracts
  • Raise a single invoice and disburse payments to suppliers

Benefits – Producers use us because they:

  • Save Time – licensing can be very time consuming, especially if you are not an expert doing it every day
  • Reduce Hassles – licensing has become more and more complex over the years, and it can be a minefield, so using us minimises risk
  • Save Money – we have strong relationships with suppliers and we are doing sync deals every day, so we are able to negotiate the best possible price
  • Need Speed – we know the advertising world needs quick turnaround on everything
  • Want Professionalism – we are skilled, available, reliable and accurate