There are a lot of Library Music companies out there supplying essentially the same thing – a catalogue of Production Music.  We don’t compete directly with them, we don’t own or represent a catalogue of library tracks.  Instead we provide a premium service where we “curate” the music. Our process is similar to our approach to Music Searches.

This is what we do:

  • Maintain a panel of the best suppliers of library music
  • Send them a brief
  • Collate all their suggestions
  • Listen to all the tracks
  • Send you a short list
  • Check fees against the campaign specs and the relevant rate card
  • Deal with the relevant collection society as required, or directly with the supplier
  • Pass through the library music cost and charge a relatively small fee for our curation service

We decided to go down this path after surveying our clients, and a majority of them said that library music is a hassle, one way or another.  Pain points included:

  • Single suppliers only provide a narrow range of options
  • Alternatively, dealing with multiple suppliers is challenging and time consuming
  • Checking prices and rate cards and paperwork is detailed and tedious and very time consuming
  • Most of all, someone has to wade through a lot of music, much of it unsuitable, to find a track that works

Our Curated Library Music service addresses all those issues, and at the same time it dramatically increases the chances of achieving the primary objective – finding the best possible music for your campaign.