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We are a production resource, working with producers to secure the rights to use songs and artists.  We locate copyright owners, negotiate the best possible deal, clear the rights, and organise the relevant contracts.  Why do producers use us instead of doing it themselves? Because:

  • It can be a very time consuming and aggravating process.  We save them a lot of time and hassle – they outsource to us because these days everybody is so busy.
  • Licensing music has become more and more complex over the years, especially with the proliferation of different types of internet rights.  It can be a minefield, with unexpected problems lurking everywhere – a potential disaster just waiting to happen.  Using experts reduces the risks that things will go wrong.
  • We are doing this all day every day, and we have strong relationships with suppliers, so we are able to negotiate the best possible deal.
  • Quick turnaround – as well as our own extensive knowledge, we know where to go and who to ask.  So we can check availability, give ballparks, obtain quotes and negotiate clearances – quickly and accurately.