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Please think of us as a creative resource, readily available to help you with your campaigns.  We are not in competition with creative agencies – we see ourselves as collaborators, experts who can add value to your ideas.

In a nutshell, we can provide song suggestions to fit your brief and budget.  We have extensive music knowledge and a huge network of industry contacts, and we tap into all that to provide you with playlists from artists and songwriters from all over the world.  We have been in business for sixteen years, so we can lay a reasonable claim to being experts in this niche area.

Of course many agencies say to us that they love the service but they can’t afford the Rolling Stones or Queen.  Don’t worry, we also specialise in finding low budget songs.  They may not be instantly recognisable, but if you give us a brief and a budget we can usually find high quality songs at surprisingly affordable prices.  Why not ask?

Unlike the record labels, music publishers and many other music supervision companies, we don’t own any music rights, and we don’t represent any artists.  We are completely independent, so we are not pushing our latest signing.  You are our client, not the songwriter, so all we care about is finding you the right song.

And in the early stages, when you are tossing around ideas for a campaign, we can act as your sounding board, someone you can come to with any type of question about using music.

The Work below is a bit of a mixture – most of these songs were specifically suggested by us, and some of them arose from the collaboration process, where we worked with the agency on ideas, stimulating discussion.  Either way the client gets a good outcome.