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We have found that acquiring celebrity talent, whether they be artists or any other flavour of celebrity, is not very different from acquiring songs.  Our contribution to the creative process is similar – we find artists to fit a brief and a budget.  And the production process is also similar – we navigate through the complexities of finding the people to talk to, dealing with management, negotiating the deal, organising the scheduling and logistics, arranging contracts.

Again we are good at all this because we have deep music expertise and extensive relationships throughout the music industry.  Why do it yourself when we can make it easy?

There are many ways that artists can be used as celebrities for advertising purposes.  The most common is probably appearing in a TVC or an online video, although using artists as social media influencers is becoming more common.  See below for various examples, but there is some crossover between this page and our Music-Based Activations page.  Most of the examples there also use artists of course.